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This paper analyzes the representation of synonymy within entries in English dictionaries of synonyms and thesauri with the aim of revealing and comparing theoretical views of this phenomenon that these lexicographic resources are based on as well as gaining an insight into the general character of the theoretical foundation of English lexicographic practice related to the treatment of synonymy. The mentioned theoretical views are determined on the basis of two aspects: the scope of the notion of synonymy and the relation between synonymy and polysemy. The results of the analysis have shown that the theoretical foundation of the given practice is two-type taking into account both examined aspects. The analyzed lexicographic resources are based on near-synonymy exhibiting two types – the one with a narrower and the one with a broader scope. Moreover, synonymy and polysemy are viewed in two ways: as independent lexical phenomena or as interrelated phenomena, inseparable from each other.   

Key words: synonymy, synonym set, polysemy, English, lexicography, dictionary of synonyms, thesaurus.   


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